Keeping a safe and hazard-free space for all workers

With a workforce comprising talented staff members, MMV Fibre Infinity recognises the importance of health and safety in all aspects of our work. The nature of our work often requires us to work at height, work with electricity, and work in environments where there is a lot of traffic and activity. When performing network installation in London and the Home Counties, we take the utmost care to safeguard the health of our staff and yours too.

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We hold the following Health and Safety accreditations

 ISO Certification 14001

 SAFE contractor

 HS Direct (Citation Group)





Aspects of health and safety in network cabling

Working at Height

Many data cabling operations involve creating trenches and cable manifolds at height, and laying the lines themselves also requires working at height in the ceiling space of a building, for example, or on a building exterior. We ensure all our staff have access to proper harnesses, and have full training on their usage as well as Working at Height training.

 Electrical Safety

Installing data cables involves proximity to electrical wiring, and the dangers of a networking cable becoming live are obvious. When carrying out our network installation in London, our installers will take into account the site's electrical layout, and ensure your data cabling is completely isolated from any electrical hazards. 

Manual Handling

With network cabling in London, it often requires working in cramped conditions, in ceiling spaces or under floorboards, where the data cables are secreted to avoid being disrupted. With this in mind, all our staff are trained in Manual Handling and in taking care of their posture during working hours, and outside them too.





Committed to Health and Safety

Our commitment to health and safety is there to help maintain the safety not only of our own staff, but also that of anyone who works with the fibre optic networks we install, and any members of the public too.

With our network installation in London, we do our utmost to ensure that all our staff members are well versed in health and safety, and have the practical knowledge to prevent hazards arising.