Fibre optic installation

We offer a full installation and testing service, giving you peace of mind, and a professional service throughout. Fibre optic network installation increases the power of data access and connectivity right to the desk of a member of staff, enabling them to conduct video calls without interruption, access client data seamlessly, and improve speed and efficiency across a company or department.

Fibre optic specialists

We perform network cabling in London for a wide range of business sectors, and have a vast amount of experience in providing high quality fibre optic data cables across a business premises. We particularly specialise in fibre optic splicing, fusion splicing, OS1 & OS2 and Multi-Mode, OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5, as well as repair, testing and installation across the board.

We will design, install and maintain a wide range of layouts for network cabling in London, including single-mode and multi-mode 1 to 10G fibre optic cables, ST, SC, and LC terminations, and Fibre optic OTDR testing and certification.

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