Data Centre Surveys

For data centres and call centres, we can perform specialist surveys and audits, helping you to maximise performance. In a data centre, fast access to information is obviously paramount and for this reason, making sure the network is performing as it should is critical to the operations. With this in mind, we will test your network fully to ensure it is properly installed and performing at well as possible.

Testing your network cabling

We will also identify any issues that could impair the performance of your network, and what needs to be done to iron out any problems. Among the tests we perform are insertion loss testing, and reflectance loss testing, to check for any faults or issues in the lines at various points, until the problem area is recognised and neutralised.

We also perform pre-installation surveys to establish where data cables will best be placed to create an effective network. We perform network cabling in London and across the Home Counties, and are available for all aspects of network installation.

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