Network Auditing

We can also perform rigorous testing and auditing of existing networks, identifying faults and earmarking areas for improvement. If you have a data network that is not performing as you would like it to, or would like reassurance that a fault has been rectified, we are here to help. With our extensive industry knowledge and specialist testing equipment, we have the capability to complete an audit for all aspects of network cabling in London

Testing on new and established networks

We conduct comprehensive testing on the network to guarantee its accurate installation and optimal performance, aiming to pinpoint any potential issues that might affect functionality prior to activation. Our testing procedures include insertion loss testing and reflectance loss testing, providing precise measurements of the light loss as it traverses a fibre optic link. Additionally, we have the capability to assess the loss and reflectance at multiple points throughout a fibre optic network, allowing us to swiftly identify and address any faults or issues that may arise.

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