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If you are creating a Secure Area Network for your commercial operation having fast network cabling is vital. With so many devices and opportunities for utilising data, we have the data cabling and fibre optic solutions for a fast-paced, modern business.

As fibre-optic specialists performing network cabling in London and across the Home Counties, MMV Fibre Infinity Ltd provides the complete solution to your data network problems.




Faster, more secure data is just a few clicks away. Contact us to arrange an initial consultation for all aspects of fibre optic installation.

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A little about MMV Fibre Infinity

Our team of engineers are fully mobile using the latest equipment and techniques. We can provide full network solutions, build and test optical networks and have experience with a number of different ISP networks including Openreach's network, Hyperoptic, Community Fibre Limited and Virgin Media network to name a few.

We carry out network cabling in London for a wide range of businesses, enabling faster data flow, and improved service for our clients.

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Fibre optic specialists

Fibre optics work by sending coded information in light flashes through a plastic tube. In this way information can be sent in great quantity and exceptionally reliable quality at the speed of light. This is becoming the standard method of internet communication worldwide, and has enabled much of the technological revolution of the last 30 years.

We offer a range of fibre optic solutions to your network problems, including installation, surveys, repairs, and circuit patching. MMV Fibre Infinity provide reliable and high quality solutions for network cabling in London.

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Building from the ground up

Our team is able to build fibre networks from the bottom up. From laying coated optical fibre and blowing fibre, to building and splicing joints, our experienced team work underground as well as overhead, to create the optimum network for your business.





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Latest equipment and data cabling techniques

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High quality standards and exceptional customer service

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13 years of experience, including work with many prominent providers







Reasons to install fibre optics

  • Improved signal quality
  • Increased network speed
  • Suitable for any building
  • Dedicated support team
  • Increased Wi-Fi reach
  • Higher user capacity
  • Virtual meetings and streams
  • Enhanced cloud access
  • Full security and autonomy

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Best practices

Successful fibre optic network construction hinges on meticulous planning, project management, risk mitigation, and quality assurance. It is beneficial to develop a comprehensive project plan outlining scope, timeline, budget, and resources. A thorough site survey should identify potential challenges and risks, including environmental factors and permit requirements. The use of high-quality materials that meet industry standards is imperative, as is having an experienced team to install them properly.

Regular quality control checks ensure adherence to performance and reliability standards, and providing end-user training and support guarantees the network's smooth operation. By adhering to these best practices, fibre optic network construction projects can be completed successfully, on time, and within budget.

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Where We Serve

Headquartered in London, we proudly offer our top-notch network cabling services nationwide, ensuring seamless connectivity and reliable infrastructure for businesses across the UK.

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Our accreditations

ISO Certification 14001 

 SAFE contractor

 HS Direct (Citation Group)